Does Better Lead To Bigger?

The blessing and curse of being an entrepreneur are that you’re always ready to take on a new challenge.  A blessing because you’re used to doing the hard work. A curse because you feel uncomfortable doing the boring work.  To most of us, boring feels like there’s nothing going on. And if it feels like there’s nothing going on then clearly something has to be wrong, right?  Wrong.

Let’s take a look at why boring is better, and usually leads to bigger.  The first concept to wrap your head around is that boring leads to consistent and consistently leads to growth.  Let’s look at two very recognizable brands that embody consistency.

McDonalds And Chipotle

We can all agree that there is nothing special about McDonalds’ food.  In fact, it’s pretty mediocre and the prices aren’t all that great either.  But the one thing they have MASTERED is consistency. You could go to any McDonalds in the country and a #4 is always going to be a #4.  Your Big Mac is going to be a Big Mac in Seattle and Miami. Then there’s Chipotle. Did you know that Chipotle has added 2 new items to their menu in the last 20 year?  Yes, 2. What they do, and do it well, is MASTER the basics of churning out fantastic burritos ready to shove in your mouth in 5 minutes or less.

Here at Gym Launch, we have a saying that goes like this, “Planes are taking off and landing on time.”  On the surface, this sounds great. But most gym owners and entrepreneurs struggle with this. Usually, when someone comes to us there are fires and catastrophes going on in their worlds.  So, when we suggest that they scale back to move forward, people kinda freak out. But here’s the deal…

Better Leads To Bigger

At the end of the day, what matters most is the amount of NET profit your gym is earning.  So your innovation should come from getting better, not bigger. If you focus on getting better you will ultimately become bigger.  Your current clients will notice, the market will notice, and eventually, your pocketbook will notice. Let your biggest source of innovation come from your customers because your customers will never be satisfied.  Here’s a really simple saying to always remember when you start thinking about adding MORE…love the one you’re with. The next time one of your customers start to complain, thank them for helping you grow.

Take this question with you moving forward:  How can we make this so boring that it never fails?  Put all of your time, energy and resources in that question and you’ll not only have an extremely profitable business, but you’ll also have a business that will stand the test of time.

Here’s to all the boring, rich business owners.

Gym Launch Management, LLC is a BBB Accredited Marketing Consultant in Carrollton, TX