The Proof is in the Pudding

Thor Christensen

Alex gave us great directions as far as dialogue, what to say, how to approach people. Basically walked us through step-by-step! Can’t wait to do another Gym Launch! We’re expecting 75-85% retention rate at the end of the first 6 weeks. I’m so excited!

In 3 Weeks

  • 167 people
  • Doubled current clientele

Ryan Karas

I was skeptical at first as well. I put my last two grand down to work with Alex. But, when we first started, we got 50 high-paying clients in just about 9 days. Little money out, big money in!

Now after almost two years with Alex, we generate about $2.1 million a year, went from two employees to six, and I only work 20 hours a week. That’s the ultimate freedom. It’s more time that I get to spend with my daughter.

In 9 Days

  • 51 new sales
  • $25,449 in sales

Adam Smith

Before Gym Launch, we made just $4200 a month in gross revenue. After just thirty days, we quintupled our revenue and brought in $25,000. Six months later, we massively upgraded our facility and equipment. All businesses have ebbs and flows, but this is a sustainable business model you can scale. When you put it all together, you get growth!

After 30 Days

  • First $25,000 month
  • More than 4x previous month’s revenue

While we have a significant amount of data demonstrating that these strategies have worked for the great majority of the gym owners who have implemented them (you will hear it straight from our gym owner clients in their testimonials), we still have to tell you that your results will vary based on things like the size and location of your gym and staff, and market forces that are beyond nearly everyone’s control.

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