The Sexy Unsexy Strategy To Growing The Gym & Business Of Your Dreams

At the time of writing this Gym Launch has helped 17 GO’s (gym owners) scale to a 7 figure run rate and over 500 gyms scale to a $500k+ run rate.  Today I want to share with you the “secret sauce” that each of them used to get to their respective levels.

At this point it’s no secret that Gym Launch is first in class when it comes to helping GO’s run ads, create offers, sell high ticket services ($500+), and get attrition to 3%.  But here’s what the majority of folks don’t know…

Every top level GO in Gym Launch is a MASTER of the mundane.

Yep, the boring work.

If you’re still reading, congrats, your gym has a chance.  Unfortunately, most GO’s I talk to always want to know what’s new.

“What new tactic will increase my show rate?”

“What tweak can I make to this one ad to get cheaper leads?”

“What’s the big secret to getting my attrition below 10%?”

Here’s the big secret:

There is no secret

You want to increase your show rate?  MASTER the basics of lead nurture

You want cheaper leads?  MASTER the art of constantly rotating ads and testing new creatives.  Seriously, every week (depending on volume) you should test new ads…a lot of them

You want lower attrition?  MASTER the basics of world class service.  This doesn’t mean your programming or nutrition.  Your clients are people so treat them like it.

Just like the person with a 400 lb C & J got there by standing on the platform day, after day, after day, your business is no different.

Master the basics and you too will have the sexy results from doing the unsexy.

P.S. Gym Owners Rule

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