Four Client Milestones and How to Hit Them All

Four crucial milestones to get you the highest ROI

People often miss four very simple, but very crucial milestones when it comes to their business.

They often think they have a marketing issue, so they spend more money on their ads and campaigns when they could easily be making a profit if they only focused on implementing these milestones.

These four points involve human relationships and working with your clients to get the best ROI for you and for them.

Let’s get to them, shall we?

The Four Client Milestones

Connect: This milestone is crucial for a few reasons. First, when you acquire a new client, that’s when you are most at risk of losing them. If you don’t make sure to create a network for them where they can connect with others in your community, they may feel lost and alone. They may be having a hard time understanding the program, procedures, and so on, and are less likely to ask questions because they are not comfortable with you yet.

Setup a Facebook group for them to join. This will ensure they are connecting with other members of your program, are reading the challenges others in the group are facing, are seeing testimonials and wins from those in the program, and they are receiving additional support and creating bonds of friendships. This will not only minimize the level of interaction you would need to have if you were their sole point of contact but will maximize their gains.

Referrals: It can’t be stressed enough how crucial referrals are for any business. This is free advertising for you and if you’re not capitalizing on this, you’re leaving money on the table. But here’s the thing, the only reason people refer people to other businesses is to gain status. Meaning that they gain relational capital within that relationship and are recognized by their friends as influencers.

If your service or product is average and your customer is not being offered some pretty extraordinary service or their results from working with you is not impressive, they are less likely to refer you to their inner circle. The key here is to go above and beyond what your competitor would offer, and then make their experience superb. And, don’t be shy about asking for referrals. If you know your clients are getting amazing results and are super happy with your services, then it behooves you to ask them to refer you to their network. Just so you have an idea, during our Gym Lords Summit, when we asked how many people had been referred to us, ¾ of the room raised their hand. There’s power in that.

Testimonials: Not everyone who is crushing it and seeing massive results will necessarily offer you a testimonial. And it’s not because they don’t want to. Oftentimes, it’s because they don’t know how, so you have to be the one to show them. It’s important that you, as the service provider, create the structure and offer a template for them to give feedback. For example, with our group, we created a model where gym owners post their stats in the Facebook group. They know exactly what stats to post because we created the template for them to follow and showed them how to use it. Not only will this create a buzz for others in the group who are watching, but it will give you plenty of testimonials, which you can then use as a marketing tool (don’t forget to ask for their permission.) In addition, if you showcase that person, they will feel like you care and, guess what will happen? They will most likely refer their friends.

Resell/Ascension: Most businesses have front-end offers, which creates an entry point for the customer to become a long-term client. The problem, however, is that the jump from that front-end offer to the back-end offer is too great, causing too big of a gap where clients fall through. The key here is to create multiple levels of services, including a high-end program that offers exclusive VIP benefits. You have to understand the needs of your customers and sell from those needs. You’re here to solve their problem. Not simply collect money from them without giving them what they need and want. That’s a recipe for failure.

If you take the time to structure your business and offers following these four client milestones, you can’t help but grow. This is a fail-proof system that has worked with every business that followed this model. Of course, you do have to put in the work to implement these suggestions and keep repeating this process. Just remember that you hold the key to your business’ growth and success.

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