How To Turn A Failure Into Success

It’s said that bad things happen in 3’s. 

For example, a sales rep has a bad week of sales.  That bad week of sales affects their mood. Their poor mood affects a personal relationship.  And, as a result, the relationship ends. Since the relationship ends their mood continues a downward spiral.  That downward spiral affects everything at work. And ultimately results in their termination. This sort of thing is pretty common.

Start to think about the mindset of a champion.  Pick your favorite champion. Without a doubt that person had to overcome a certain amount of adversity.  Michael Jordan was cut from his Highschool team. Connor McGregor lost his first fight with Nate Diaz. Both of them used those failures as motivation to come back and become champions.  Both of them could have used these failures to create a world view that leads to more failing. Instead, they pulled themselves up, refused to identify the failure with them BEING a failure, and got back to work.

Here’s a fundamental truth.  If you’re trying to accomplish ANYTHING significant, you will meet resistance.  The resistance isn’t the problem. What you do in the face of the resistance is what defines the story.  When any of us face trauma (of any kind), we WILL cope. Coping isn’t the problem. It’s HOW you cope with it.  Will you stay inside for the next 6 months, gain 30 lbs and lose any momentum you had? Or, will you use the trauma as a message of course correction? 

Pain is pain.  And it’s relative to all of us.  What may seem insignificant to you might destroy someone else.  So the level of pain is irrelevant. What matters is what we do with that pain and what story we tell ourselves.  Too often we encounter something painful and tell ourselves, “ see, that didn’t work out. I must not be for me.” It’s a lie.  And that lie is keeping you from your greatness.

The next time you encounter a failure, don’t make a permanent decision in a temporary season.  Instead, stop. Get real with the failure. And decide what story you want to tell. Not what the story is telling you.  That’s how champions are made. Decide today that you are more committed to your story of success than you are to the story of failure.  You got this

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