At Gym Launch, we live by six core tenets that are in alignment with our mission and purpose and are the driving force of everything we do and how we do them.

Every company has a culture, whether one that was set intentionally or accidentally.

You are where you are today in your business because of the culture you have created.

Let’s start by describing what culture is. Culture is the personality of the company as a whole. In other words, it’s made of the people we hire and the behaviors and values they bring.

Human relations are the crux of any business’ success or demise.

So being clear on what your mission and purpose are will help you intentionally create a company culture that aligns with your mission and purpose. This is crucial because if you don’t have clarity about them, you will end up with a business that is mismanaged and set up for failure.

You create your culture intentionally by who you hire, fire, and promote. By doing so, you show others what you value.

At Gym Launch, we live by six core tenets that are in alignment with our mission and purpose and are the driving force of everything we do and how we do them.


Go the Extra Mile: Do you have people on your team who are willing to go the extra mile even if it’s not part of their job description? Does your customer service team provide more value than your competition? Is your company offering superb service and products? Going the extra mile requires commitment and the understanding that this is not about you, but about the clients you are serving.

Speed is King: In the fast-paced technological world we live in, everything becomes obsolete before you even had a chance to put a plan in place. Successful companies are built by people who can execute quickly on a daily basis. Is your team able to deliver with efficiency, but more importantly with speed? Is your company set up to fulfill your customer and teams’ needs quickly? If not, you may be missing out on opportunities that would grow and expand your business. A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

Be Your Own Boss: At Gym Launch, all of our staff is 100% virtual. We work remotely which requires that everyone manage their own time and resources, hold themselves to a higher standard, own their decisions and outcomes, and ask for help when they need it. It also requires that you trust them to get the work done without them being micromanaged.

Grow or Die: This one is a challenge for many business owners because they want their businesses to succeed without small fails in the process. Learning fast, failing fast, and trying again is key to your business’s development. If you or your employees are afraid to fail, you’re less likely to take risks, which will bottleneck your company’s growth. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s a pass to be careless. It simply means everyone on your team has the opportunity to test their skills, learn from their mistakes, and keep going FAST. You are either growing (making progress) or dying (stagnation/decline of progress) there is no in between.

Don’t Sugar Coat It: Honesty leaves zero room for assumptions. We are at a time where people’s sensitivities to feedback is creating a lack of honest conversations that could improve someone’s work and life. Honest feedback is a catalyst for growth. People’s reaction to the truth is not your responsibility. You can still have uncomfortable conversations with respect for the other person. Don’t let both of your egos be the reason you can’t communicate honestly.

Have Humility: Humility is keeping the business’ needs above your own. You can’t grow if you think you have nothing to learn and can’t admit you have deficits. Instilling humility in your team allows room for growth. Be concerned with WHAT is right, not who. We hire and promote with humility and fire for ego or pride.

Businesses that adopt these core tenets see tremendous growth. Even if your company has an established culture that is not working, you can still course-correct. It won’t be easy and you will be met with resistance, after all, most people don’t like and feel threatened by change. However, it’s your business and you must be the leader your team wants to follow.

Let today be the day you decide to move forward doing what is right, even though it is what is hard. Your team and your clients are counting on you to do so.

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