Competitors Copying Your Stuff?  

Here’s what to do

Here’s an important thought process you need to keep in mind.  You don’t matter. Yep, that’s right, you don’t matter. Here’s what we mean and why it’s important.  First, what matters most is what the consumer (your future members and clients) sees. THEY are what matters most.  Second, putting your focus on building your business is where the majority of your energy should go.

At the end of the day your time, energy, and resources should be invested in building something amazing for your members and clients.  NOT what your competitors are doing. Following? If someone is copying your stuff, great! That means what you’re doing is working. You should be proud of yourself for winning.

What’s this REALLY about?

It’s still about what it’s always been about.  And that’s creating. Remember, speed is king. Think about this for a second.  If someone is copying your stuff do you really think they’ll be able to keep up?  Or, what if the stuff they’re copying is the stuff you’ve already killed? If you put ALL of your attention in creating instead of worrying you will be miles ahead of the competition.  Ya dig?

At a fundamental level, copying is competition.  And if your competition is copying you, they don’t have the skill to create.  Which means they don’t have the skill to continue to compete with you. The big takeaway is to consistently work the fundamentals of what you’re doing well.  When you’re a level 10 black belt and executing the fundamentals, then begin to layer on innovation. By the time your competitors UNDERSTAND WHY your stuff works, you’ll be on to innovation.

You Are Your Business

Continue to coach your team, continue to grow your business, and continue to be the market leader.  When someone decides to copy you (they will) look at it as a head nod. And know they have already lost when they decide to copy you.  At the end of the day, YOU affect your business. You can either continue to play the game and understand that anyone who copies you is inherently second or, you can stop all of your forward momenta and focus on the copy cats.

Focus on the market, not your competition.  The next time you see someone copying you, congratulations, you’re winning.

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